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NSCAD Fashion show hero

As the scent of spring fills the air, we invite you to an exclusive celebration of a brand new crop of emerging NSCAD fashion makers and culture shakers…

Saturday, May 4, 2024
Port Campus

Doors open 6 p.m.
Show starts at 7 p.m.
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On Saturday, May 4, 2024, we proudly announce the return of the NSCAD End-of-Year Student Fashion Runway Show to the Port Campus after a hiatus since 2019. The show will commence at 7:00 p.m. and is expected to run for approximately 2 hours. This runway show, a long-established tradition for the Fashion-Eastas of Nova Scotia, is not just a showcase of emerging talent but a testament to the vibrant fashion culture of our community. It is the capstone achievement of our Intermediate and Advanced Fashion Studies (AFS) students and features selected students from NSCAD’s Jewellery Department. 

Fashion Show photos

Photos by Keely Hopkins and Riley Smith.

Marie Webb, Sow to Sew Arist-in-Residence

We are privileged to have Marie Webb, a Halifax-based artist, as our honoured guest designer at this year’s show. Marie is a courageous and awe-inspiring fashion designer with Down syndrome. Marie Webb is not only a prolific local fashion designer, she is the inaugural Sow to Sew Arist-in-Residence.  Through this residency, Marie will work with a team of NSCAD students to build 20 looks for New York Fashion Week 2024. We are so pleased to have Marie join us for the Fashion Show and to provide this exciting opportunity for NSCAD Students and for the Fashion Department. 

Jewellery and Metalsmithing students

Rayce Min, Lara Sturzenbaum, Cynthia Frachetti, Hannah Craig, MacKenzie Reid, Weiwei Li, Vanessa Shum and Amy Yuan will be representing original collections from NSCAD Jewellery and Metalsmithing students.  These emerging jewelry designers are creating statement pieces that can hold their own on the runway. 


We are thrilled to announce the introduction of three prestigious juried prizes for students in the AFS course. These prizes, focusing on excellence in design innovation and execution, textile and material development, and design sustainability, are a testament to NSCAD’s commitment to fostering excellence in fashion and design. They are awarded to AFS students who have shown exceptional promise in these areas during their term work. These are made possible through the generous support of the Hilary and Galen Weston Foundation.


In order of appearance

My intention with this collection is to challenge the viewer with a sense of juxtaposition. As the name suggests, this collection was inspired by industry and work culture, while remaining delicate and interesting. TANK is boyish, synthetic, and modern while remaining feminine, natural, and archaic. Thank you Rayce Min for the accessories.  

5 Deadly Venoms 

The collection of the masks is inspired by the traditional Chinese concept of “5 Deadly Venoms”, which are snake, scorpion, toad, gecko and centipede. I created the them because I wanted to face and conquer my weaknesses and each animal represents one.  

The collection presents a series of copper masks that applied various metal forming techniques and little silver components for the highlight.  

Go With The Flow 

The colors I experienced during the four seasons of sunsets reflected in the sea inspired my collection to embody them. It can be a sunset from the sea or a sunset from the sky. As the name of the collection “Go with the Flow” suggests, it expresses to go with the idea of following the movement of butterflies flying under the sea and jellyfish swimming in the sky. 


The collection, “gracie.”, reflects on personal childhood experiences, inspired by the idyllic setting of the Annapolis Valley. It draws from memories of growing up on Gracie Drive, incorporating elements of rustic charm and design styles from different eras. Each look serves as a testament to specific details from the designer’s recollection of adolescence, notably, blueberry bushes and nostalgic films. The locally sourced blueberries used to dye the fabric symbolize the transient nature of time and memory. The collection aims to capture the carefree essence of youth through playful movement and design elements, with unfinished seams representing the impermanence of childhood.  


The purpose of my work is to create a comfortable environment where everyone can talk and share their thoughts about mental health without bias. Inspired by both personal and larger-scale social experiences, the overall collection ¨Voltéame¨, aims to raise awareness about the mental health effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is through exploration of forms, movement, and psychology of colour combined with traditional jewellery techniques such as soldering, metalforming and enamelling that these reversible pieces express the transitions that people go through when navigating and recovering from mental illnesses. 

The narrative for this clothing collection embraces the nightmares that come with insomnia. Drawing inspiration from historical workwear and tactical attire, including aviation uniforms and strait jackets, my creative process incorporates practical utilitarian closures derived from these sources. The vivid nightmares and fears are translated into the design of the garments. 

Takes Up Space  

Takes Up Space reflects the frustrations I face daily as a pedestrian who coexists with cars. This collection explores the amount of space and resources that is dedicated to private vehicles and people’s attitudes towards driving.  

Forest and Sea 

This collection is composed of pieces that are developed through the utilization of found objects such as mushrooms, coral, and lotus seed pods. Inspired by notions of interconnectivity and flow within our universe, these works aim to honour and bring appreciation for not only the beauty and preciousness of our natural world, but our relationship with it. 

Golden Delonix 

Golden Delonix celebrates the vibrant culture of the East Caribbean, drawing inspiration from Saint Kitt’s & Nevis’ National Flower, the vibrant traditions of the region and those carried by migrants to Canada. Each garment embodies the spirit of Caribbean Carnival through simplified silhouettes and elegant fabrics. Influenced by the bold elements of West Indies Carnival garments, the collection exhibits celebration through expressive colours, striking shapes, and rich textures. Special thanks to Cynthia Fraschetti and Andrew Cox, both talented jewellers whose beautiful work enhances this collection. My heartfelt appreciation goes to my models for bringing life into these garments and to my family and friends for their support and encouragement throughout this journey of cultural exploration and creative expression. 


Intermission (15 Minutes)


Marie Webb’s Kaleidosilk  collection was developed in collaboration with kimono designer, Aya Okumura. Over a two-year period, Marie focused on kimono surface design, while Aya worked on the construction. This collection features a few favourite pieces. The joint efforts of Aya and Marie are blended in silk with kaleidoscopic colours, patterns and silhouettes that invite viewers into a new realm. 

Special Thanks to: Janet Amirault, Aya Okumura, Leesa Hamilton, Solitha Shortte, Chrissy Potter, Millie Webb, Jane Osemwegie, Warren D’Silva, Alyssa Landmann Oliveira. 


Rooted in myth and fantasy, this collection considers the intersection between the human and the otherworldly, making tangible a daydream of becoming one with the forest floor. Inspired by overgrown and abandoned places, eerie landscapes, and Irish folk religions, it imagines the garments that might be created by the mystical beings of the woods. Featuring meticulously hand-sculpted insects using the traditional silversmithing technique of chasing and repoussé, and hand-woven silk fabric and ribbons. 

Thanks to Kye-Yeon Son, Miriam Hanid, and The Pretty Spring Guardians. I acknowledge the support of Arts Nova Scotia & Canada Council for the Arts. 

Healing the Bruise 

Inspired by her sister, Xinnong uses PVC, wool, thread, beads, and roses to simulate blood vessels, skin, scars, and bruises caused by trauma. She believes that all trauma, whether physical or mental, is rich, and scars can be seen as unique symbols belonging to each person who bears them, a mark of the difficulties he has overcome. Xinnong hopes to show the beautiful and special side of scars by enhancing their visual effects. 


 Time has the superpower of invisibility, but we can clearly see its presence in every inch of space filled by Mould, every decaying and regenerating leaf, and every evidence of wear.  Plants, Moulds, and human-created building are three main elements in this collection. Clothes and fabrics permeate people’s surroundings much like time itself as the most familiar thing to human beings. Their universality and variability affected by time have laid a solid foundation for in-depth research on their applications. They are developed and used as key components in garment textiles to represent the notion of time. Fabric manufacturing seeks to draw attention and suit the theme; hence, reversible color changes caused by fluorescent powder, photosensitive materials, and heat-sensitive materials are an excellent way to achieve these objectives. The lotus, as a plant that has evolved into different beautiful shapes over time, has served as a significant source of inspiration for the collection’s silhouette. Time eludes captivity within clocks; its presence permeates every corner of our gaze. From the moment people lay eyes on the works, to truly feel time-that’s what I eagerly anticipate. 


Discover sustainable sophistication with our women’s puffer jackets. Crafted with a passion for comfort and texture, each design features a timeless silhouette with three detachable collars and interchangeable covers, promoting longevity and style versatility. Our commitment to sustainability means minimizing environmental impact while maximizing wardrobe options. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and hello to effortless maintenance. Join us in curbing consumption with clothing meant to last. Optimize your closet space and make a statement with vibrant hues without compromising comfort or the planet. 

Weiwei Li: Connection & Cloud  

This Cloud collection connects the traditional and contemporary through material exploration. The cloud symbol has auspicious meanings in traditional Chinese culture, while the cloud icon also refers to the internet we use to contact other people nowadays. This body of works includes brooches, necklace, a ring and earrings made from different colourful materials, representing aesthetic harmony brought from the combination of tradition and contemporary. Thanks to NSCAD fashion faculty for providing this chance to display my work, thanks to the models for their interest in joining this program, and thanks to support from NSCAD jewellery faculty, all my teachers, friends, and families.  

Vanessa Shum: Sugar Crash 

Inspired by the sugar that sparkles like gems, messy evenings spent making desserts and the joy of seeing them completed before you. I use silver and mixed materials to create works that invite the viewer to pick up and explore each piece. I want to capture the sense of whimsy through the tactile and audio sensations. Through jewellery, I want to elicit a sense of play and curiosity. They are completed by the desire “to grab just one more little treat.” Thank you to all my family, friends and teachers who have supported me in all my years at NSCAD 

Amy Yuan: Hazy Posy 

This jewelry series draws inspiration from Zen philosophy. In the 14th century, monks in Asia used hydrangea for tea to cleanse believers’ auras. I incorporate hydrangea as a symbol of Zen in my designs, which include rings, earrings, and necklaces. These pieces are simple, colorful, and versatile, making them easy to pair with various outfits. 

MacKenzie Reid: Pearly Whites  

Pearly Whites is a series of necklaces inspired by strings of pearls. The focal point being a ceramic mould of Reid’s bottom teeth. The ceramic teeth are made in multiples from slip cast pouring. They were glazed and coloured with china paint to give them their distinct colour differences. The beads are knotted together like pearls traditionally would be. Pearly Whites highlight a beautiful unique feature within people. 

Zhangwenjing (Michelle) Yan  


REAL MI is a visionary exploration of personal identity and self-expression, meticulously crafted with handmade bioplastic to support sustainable goals. Rooted in the courage to confront one’s true self, this collection boldly embraces the journey of resilience and self-discovery. By challenging her father’s traditional views, REAL MI reclaims symbols of individuality and personal expression, inviting viewers to engage with their own narratives of identity. Each garment and plush toy serves as a tactile expression of authenticity, encouraging viewers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. Michelle extends heartfelt thanks to her models and loved ones for their unwavering support.  


Newborn delves into the repercussions of denim overproduction, envisioning a future where denim becomes a solution to waste. Swaddled in denim, newborns symbolize the urgency to address textile excess. My process transforms old denim using traditional and innovative methods, highlighting its versatility and eco-friendliness. I depict a denim-centric world, urging reflection on fashion’s environmental impact and advocating for sustainable choices. Inspired by infant attire, it signifies the renewal of second-hand denim and humanity’s resilience. Encouraging environmental awareness, it prompts reconsideration of fashion’s role in sustainability. 


Fashion Show Coordinator:  Tamsin Sloots 

Advanced Fashion Studies Faculty:  Gary Markle, Leesa Hamilton  

Events Team:  Nick Fassbender, Neive Shannon-Dwyer 

Advancement Team:  Kara Holm, Lindsay Bea Davis, Trina Annand 

Communications Team:  Andy Murdoch, Sara Poko, Cassandra Lloyd 

Media/Technical Team:  Tynan Dunfield + Babette Hayward 

DJs: Maddy Brennan and Thauana Morais  

Photography: Alex Chisholm, Logan Hatt, Keely Hopkins, Riley Smith 

Videography: Brendan Lyle

Behind the Scenes:  Masoomeh Salimi Beni, Kalani Chen-Hayes, Anna Roberts 

Volunteers:  Tara Baird, E Loop, Julia Alderman, Donna Kim, Imge Basmaci, Dev Wickramasing, Nobert Caparica, Tasha Rabinowitz, Mirielle Pearson, Busola Osho, Trevor Novak, Skylar Jardine, Cameron Sampson, Haoming Nao, Ginger Yu 

Make Up Coordinator:  Kiara Ardelli Catherine Ngodoo Jirgba, E Loop 

Hair Design Centre: Lyla, Asma, Beth, Tracey, Marcede, Vanessa

Braids By Tasha 

Chelsea Stilwell, Xue Yun, Jiayi Li, Fengyuan Ran, Fifi Gullion, Ava Sumner, Alison Tynes, Gracie Sampson, Dries Dirosa, Katerina Oosterwijk, Ian Will, Beau, Lina Liu, Wenyuan (Kipjoy) Yu,Xue Yun, Jianzheng He, Kris, Zoe, Alice, Dalia, Rachelle Lawen, Talia Vydykhan, Esther, Trevor Novak, Hope MacPherson, Vanessa Shum MacKenzie Reid, Danielle Steele, Ethan Black, Zhenia SUKHODOLSKAIA, Jaedyn MacEachern, Marissa Cruz, Bronwyn, Gavin Snow, Andy Jung, Polly, Iyiolaoluwa Dina, LeoNia, Kristen, Ruby, Louis Stock-Rabbat, Ruben Francis, Hannah Steincamp, Sara B., Sara W, Michael, John Bishop. 


Sow to Sew: Sustainable Fashion  

The Textile Fashion Department is grateful for the support of the Hilary and Galen Weston Foundation for their support of Sow to Sew: Sustainable Fashion. This generous donation supports undergraduate bursaries, graduate entrance scholarships, an artist-in- residence program, a guest speaker series, and sustainable fashion capacity building.

In 2024, 5 undergraduate textile students received bursaries, Jenny Shi was awarded the graduate studies entrance scholarship and Marie Webb will be our first artist-in-residence. 

We also wish to thank the following sponsors without whom the fashion show would not have been possible: 

hilary and galen weston foundation
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