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NSCAD invites community members to join its Accessibility Advisory Committee

NSCAD University Accessibility Framework

NSCAD University’s Accessibility Advisory Committee is inviting applications from the community (both internal and external stakeholders) to join its ranks. At this time, we are especially seeking one faculty member, a current student, and an external stakeholder. We are grateful to Jayne Wark (faculty), Carleanne de Wilde (student), Laura Caswell (Neptune Theatre), and Mara Toombs (community member) who have concluded their terms.

The NSCAD Accessibility Advisory Committee provides advice to the Board of Governors and Administration on identifying, preventing, and eliminating barriers to people living with disabilities in NSCAD programs, services, initiatives, and facilities. The committee plays a pivotal role in helping NSCAD become fully accessible and meet its obligations under Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act and the Accessible Canada Act.

The committee is comprised of 10-15 members, of which at least half will be people living with disabilities or representatives of organizations that represent people with disabilities. Committee members will be appointed by NSCAD’s Provost for a term of two years, with a chair and vice-chair being elected each year. two co-chairs being elected each year.

“This committee has been a part of the University for two years and has done incredible work to date developing a roadmap to assist the University to meet the expectations of its community members and the Province as we work toward being fully accessible. This committee is comprised of diverse individuals living with a variety of disabilities and stakeholders from faculty, staff, undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and community members,” said Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff, NSCAD’s Vice-President, Academic & Research and Provost. “We are committed to a diverse and accessible environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors to the university. As such, the committee will address specific issues related to the accessibility plan by working with stakeholders within and outside of the NSCAD community.”

The committee will lead a number of initiatives in support of NSCAD meeting its provincial and federal obligations. This includes:

  • Reporting on measures that NSCAD has taken, and intends to take, to identify, remove, and prevent barriers.
  • Reviewing and updating the university’s accessibility plan at least every three years.
  • Consulting with stakeholders on accessibility at NSCAD.
  • Advising NSCAD administration and Board of Governors on the impact of the university’s policies, programs, and services on people with disabilities.
  • Reviewing and monitoring existing and proposed university policies to promote full participation of people with disabilities.
  • Identifying and advising on the accessibility of existing and proposed NSCAD services and facilities.

NSCAD’s Accessibility Advisory Committee meets at least five times per year, or as needed to fulfill its duties. Committee meetings will be open to the public, and the committee can establish working groups to explore specific issues related to the accessibility plan and other responsibilities.

Individuals from within and outside the NSCAD community who wish to apply for a position on the committee are invited to fill out a PDF application. Applications must be completed and returned to by October 14, 2022.

For more information on NSCAD’s Accessibility Advisory Committee’s mandate and selection process, please contact Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff at