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NSCAD’s Alumni Ring is Getting a Make-over

NSCAD’s alumni ring designed by Karen Konzuk ( BFA 1997) will be updated in 2024 with a brand-new design. What will NSCAD’s alumni be wearing? The competition is open to current NSCAD Jewellery & Metalsmithing students and recent graduates (2018-2022) of the program.

Professor Greg Sims writes: Jewellery has long been used to mark and celebrate important transitions in our lives, be it milestones, achievements, ceremonial events and even challenging hardships. Worn on the body or held close to the individual, the jewellery object has the potential to become a strong reminder, signifying the culmination of one journey and the start of a new one. Objects are often imbued with meaning, worked into the overall design or crafted with specific materials and processes in mind. Significance also comes from the ways in which the jewellery object is imparted from one individual to another, whether through ritual, given as a simple gift or passed on as an heirloom. The most profound meanings grow over time, becoming part of a cherished piece through a lifetime of wear. Read the full brief, including the submission guidelines here.

1st Prize winner receives $1,000 + Potential design purchase and/or production agreement
2 Runner ups will be selected to win $250

The submissions will be reviewed by a jury:  NSCAD President Peggy Shannon, Alumni Association President Sunil Sarwal (BDes 2002), Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur Heather Rathburn (BFA 2008), NSCAD Jewellery Faculty Rebecca Hannon, and SUNSCAD President Olivia Fay

Deadline for Design Submissions: December 8th, 2022 at 5pm.
DEADLINE EXTENDED to: 5pm on December 16th.