Advisory: As Halifax Water is currently undertaking work at the Fountain campus, we ask our community to not drink the water at the Fountain campus. We will update you as soon as the work has been completed.

Media Arts Showcase 2020

The NSCAD Media Arts Division is honoured to present the 2020 online showcase of:

  • Art Now
  • Expanded Media
  • Language Into Art
  • Film 2
  • Film 4
  • Moving Image 1
  • Moving Image 2
  • Advanced Photography Critique
  • Forensic Fictions
  • Intro Photography
  • Expanded Media Studio
  • Intermediate Animation
  • Media Toolbox.

The Media Arts Showcase 2020, presented in a unique and creative template, is designed by Sage Sidley and Camille-Zoé Valcourt-Synnott.

Enjoy the online showcase at