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Winter Classes with NSCAD Extended Studies

Learn More with NSCAD Extended Studies
Now is the winter of our education! We’re pleased to unveil our new Winter term, complete with a full array of exciting new & classic art classes, as well as an expansive Art History offering–perfect for learning on those long winter nights. We’re really taking the spirit of the season into consideration, and have added many opportunities to best learn, no matter your age or ability level.

Want to learn more, but don’t want to be caught at night out on winter roads? We’ve added many of our classic Introductory courses to a daytime schedule including Jewellery-Making, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolour Painting and Drawing II.
We’re opening the vault on NSCAD Univerisity’s invaluable Art History course offerings, and inviting you to join in! With subjects like Indigenous Art, Animation, Film History, Medieval, Illustration, Art of the Garden, 20th Century or 19th Century art, there’s a wealth of information to be gleaned by sitting in on one of NSCAD’s extensive Art History lectures. This is the first term we’ve ever offered so much, and there’s no better season to snuggle in and open you mind to the art of the past.

NSCAD Extended Studies offers quality artistic classes to the community. Regardless of your current experience or abilities in starting Extended Studies classes, we’re here to help you grow & learn, and to have fun! Whether you’re interested in career or personal enrichment, taking courses as a stepping-stone to full-time studies, or just for the fun of it, we offer a wide range of short and long term courses, workshops, open studios and online courses. We’re here to introduce you to some exciting new things we have on offer:

Typography for all Types with Lorraine Albert

Typography has a rich history and an immense impact on our visual world. It has the potential to facilitate the articulation of ideas, improve communication, and attract us visually. This course will introduce students to typography by dissecting letterforms and looking more closely at their unique characteristics. As the course progresses from letter – to word – to sentence – to paragraph, student will experiment with font families, spacing, layout, hierarchy, and the grid while becoming more familiar with type terminology/vocabulary.

Micheal Day on Professional Growth and Photography Practices

We’re pleased to introduce you to Michael Day, one of our newest instructors to the ranks of the fantastic Extended Studies instructor roster. Michael is bringing some inspirational ideas to the Winter term. The Digital Communication Design course, it’s geared to help those who have found the need to upgrade their understanding of visual design. Our ever-changing economy demands more visual fluency in those who work in event management, trade shows, marketing, communications, public relations, copywriting, not-for-profit organizations, web design, social media managers—you name it, a crash course in understanding commercial print practices is becoming key! Through class exercises, discussions and demonstrations, Michael will guide you through how to set up files to print in commercial printers, FAQs, legality protocol in using images, an overview of the Adobe Creative Suites, and more. If you’re a fan of photography, Micheal will also be teaching Pinhole Photography, and the use/manipulation of polaroid pictures in Instant Gratification!

Stellar Youth Opportunities

We are again bringing back our classic children’s art classes with Saturday Youth Art for ages 5 to 18, as well as the fast-growing favourite, Saturday Youth Ceramics! Taught by Annabel Biro, Saturday Youth Ceramics will teach handbuilding, pattern development, and the construction of functional & verstile pieces in everyone’s favourite medium, clay! We’re also pleased to welcome back Comics & Zines for Teens with comic catalyst Kyle Bridgett! Taught in the evenings, this class will guide students in comic collaborations, story and sequence pacing, and more. Last but not least, we’re also gearing up for our fabulous March Break classes-which will include Hands-On Art History, Comics and Stories, Brushstrokes and Beyond, and Art 101. A week full of exploration, fun, and usually an artful mess, these are not to be missed!


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