“I recommend that every student should take an internship course because it grants experience in the workplace of your medium while earning credits, as well as making connections with people in the field of work.  Being an intern has honestly been a positive experience for me, and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity.”

Internship Student Placement with Studio D, New York


Community Studio Residency

The Residency program offers recent NSCAD University graduates the opportunity to develop their practice through donated studio space in a residency site within Nova Scotia. As part of the program, our residents work with community members and students to increase interest in the visual arts.


Internships and Practicum Placements

We have a broad range of internships and practicum placements for  you to consider to help augment your education with a industry experience that gain essential skills for your career.


Community Service Learning

Community Service Learning (CSL) is a unique opportunity for students, faculty and community based organizations to work together.  Students can pursue their own CSL experience in partnership with a community organization once it has been reviewed by NSCAD.  Volunteering and service to the community can be tailored to a student’s particular area of study, creating an individualized experiential learning opportunity.