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Summer Student Internships in Digital Media Production

Summer Student Internships in Digital Media Production


NSCAD University will be offering state of the art digital learning through the design and delivery of 25 summer courses in July and August 2020. These courses will be developed by an expert team of professionals, including subject matter experts (SME), instructional designers from Babb Group, and a technical team of video/sound/graphics/animation specialists. The preparation of these courses will afford a unique opportunity for students to learn, apprentice and apply next wave professional skills, which will greatly enhance their educational experience and potential for participation in the creative digital economy.

The Babb Group is the Industry partner, which will provide mentorship and supervision of NSCAD students. This opportunity will provide NSCAD University students with capacity development and professional experience in digital media production, during the May – August 2020 period.


Through the generous DHX Television Ltd donation, students will receive a stipend for this placement at the following rates:

3 credit course – 125 hours – $1875.00

6 credit course – 250 hours – $3750.00

9 credit course – 375 hours – $5625.00

The student stipend will to be credited to the student account in three equal installments: start of term, mid-term and end of term.

Should the student withdraw from the course before the mid-term the first installment will cover the commitment made to date.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Understand the context of digital learning and course design/development;
  • Acquire skills and capabilities in technical support of digital learning, including video production, sound, lighting, graphic design, animation and visual presentation;
  • Learn to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, which include academic specialists, instructional designers and technical specialists, through discussion and collaborative development;
  • Understand and apply principles and practices of project management;

Internship Credit

Students are eligible to receive academic credit for their internship as part of their program in their 4th year of study. These courses are designated for 3, 6, 9 credits depending on the number of hours completed.

3 credit course 125 hours $1875.00
6 credit course 250 hours $3750.00
9 credit course 375 hours $5625.00

How to Apply

Please submit a resume, include references information for two faculty with whom the student has worked closely, cover letter and proposed internship credit amount to

As there are multiple positions available, applications will be reviewed beginning May 14 and continue on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.