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Summer’s here and the time is right to study online for your degree @NSCAD!

President’s statement on taking action against racism

NSCAD University is thrilled to launch its first all-online program for Summer 2020. Now the NSCAD experience is accessible from anywhere in the world!

The online courses available in July and August are as diverse as NSCAD’s usual full range of programming. They will be expertly delivered by leveraging the university’s state-of-the-art film equipment, studios, editing facilities, and digital media production knowledge to meticulously develop courses with the support and expertise of professional instructional designers.

A full list of the online summer courses is available here.

Click here to register for an online course. Once you are signed in, follow these step-by-step instructions.

If you’re not a NSCAD student yet, click here to send us an email about the courses you’d like to register for. 

Students will be immersed in the classroom experience with renowned artists and instructors in very personal, productive ways to create an outstanding experience with real art, craft and design production and curation as core outcomes using theoretical and practical content.

The Summer 2020 online courses offer a true, transformative art education that ensures community involvement with a heavy emphasis on engaging fellow students, learning to critique each other’s work, and having weekly personalized instruction through presentations and tutorials.

Featuring 29 inspired online courses, the Summer 2020 semester includes:

  • Virtual Interfaces for Curation and Creation (MAED/MFAR6250, graduate course), which will facilitate global collaboration between artists, curators and community with virtual gallery/museum tours, live virtual skill share sessions, a virtual final exhibition and exploration of free digital art resources and applications.
  • Natural Dyeing (TEXL2050, undergraduate course) an investigation into the practice of natural dyeing using plants gathered through fieldwork, as well as powdered extracts. Through dyeing experiments students will learn about mordanting and how this influences colour on yarn and fabric.
  • Audio Explorations (MDIA3056, undergraduate course), will to be designed and taught by sound artist William Robinson (shortlisted for a Sobey Art Award) in collaboration with Joel Wadell. This course is about listening and sounding.
  • Design Issues (DSGN4101, undergraduate course) will deal with transition design, a domain of study dealing with fundamental change at every level of society. This term the course will examine our current lifestyles in the context of the pandemic and look to re-conceive and reimagine infrastructure.

Descriptions and details on the dates, registration process and fees for all of NSCAD’s Summer 2020 semester courses will be live very soon, so stay tuned for a link to the university’s course catalogue. In the coming weeks, we will profile instructors behind-the-scenes discussing and preparing their course curriculum for a student-centred, meaningful learning environment.

We expect these cutting edge, purpose-built online courses will be popular and registration is limited. Reserve your spot to experience the unique opportunity of having NSCAD’s storied culture captured within expertly developed curriculum brought to the comfort, safety and convenience of your home.