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Winter in-course scholarships now open

Applications for Winter 2023 in-course scholarship are now open through the NSCAD Form Portal, under the “Awards” header. These applications are accesible by all current NSCAD students, though some awards are specific to degree or division. We ask that you read through the award criteria for each award carefully to ensure that you are eligible for the award and please ensure that the information you have provided is accurate.


We have added prefixes to the title of awards by category, such as off campus or by certain program area, to make it easier to navigate through the scholarships lists. Or, if you fill out the General In-Course Scholarship Application, you will be considered for several awards.


The application deadline for the winter in-course scholarships is February 24th, 2023. Please ensure you complete your applications by the deadline, as we are not be able to accept late applications.