Gregory Adolphe-Nazaire to lead Creative Entrepreneurship Lab at NSCAD

NSCAD University is thrilled to announce the establishment of the Creative Entrepreneurship Lab.

The lab will be led by Gregory Adolphe-Nazaire, a multi award-winning instructor, consultant to governments, economic development agencies, community-based organizations, and a former executive member of an international trade organization. Adolphe-Nazaire will also serve as Special Advisor to NSCAD’s VP (Academic & Research) and Provost, Dr. Ann-Barbara Graff, and will instruct Entrepreneurship for Visual Arts (ARTS-3110/CRFT-3110) for the fall semester.

“The Creative Entrepreneurship Lab is a dedicated virtual space committed to facilitating workshops, one-to-one support, and mentorship to students and faculty,” explained Dr. Graff. “The focus of the lab is creative entrepreneurship and rethinking the creative economy with NSCAD at its centre.”

Gregory Adolphe-Nazaire.

The Creative Entrepreneurship Lab will help NSCAD students develop the business, networking, financing and advocacy skills they need to succeed with their arts-based businesses. The lab will foster an inclusive environment where all artists have the same chance of success, regardless of skills, race, gender or creed.

“I’m looking forward to working with entrepreneurially-minded students from NSCAD,” said Adolphe-Nazaire. “As a business professional who has worked in several industries across many countries, I learned to value the diversity of opinions, and I have always strived to cultivate an engaging atmosphere, whether it’s in my classroom, community forums, or business meetings. My classes are conversational, rather than formal, including video clips, presentations, and guest speakers. We’ll work together to build trusting relationships and spur self-confidence.”

Adolphe-Nazaire has been teaching corporate finance at the Dalhousie University’s Rowe School of Business since 2005. Before moving to Halifax, he worked for several large financial institutions across North America as a banker and investments manager where he advised businesses and individuals on investments, financial planning, and risk management.

He sees his role at NSCAD as one of trainer and mentor, and hopes to use his business background to prepare students for successful careers as entrepreneurs in the new creative economy. He also wants to make sure the university’s BIPOC community feels supported, safe, and valued.

“As educators, it’s important to contribute to the character-building process of our students, not just explaining concepts. Especially for fields such as entrepreneurship, which is a pillar of sustainable development and inclusion,” said Adolphe-Nazaire. “I will advise BIPOC students to keep their motivation up and make sure they have a supportive community that embraces them for who they are and cheers for their successes. Do not get discouraged and be prepared to seize the opportunity.”

Adolphe-Nazaire holds Master of Science from University of Bordeaux Management School, an MBA from University of Nantes, and he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Aix Marseille University.